Discipline Policy of the School

Discipline Policy of the School signifies good order and culture and the obligation of discipline is the

mutual responsibility of all students, parents and staff of Viswajyothi Public School.

  • The students have to bring the school Diary every day with necessary filled in details.
  • Should be punctual and reach 10 minutes before the first bell rings.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. If for any genuine reason, the student has to be taken, the parent should get the permission of the Principal.
  • Students should have lunch in the school itself.
  • Absentees should bring a leave letter and it must also be entered in the page of leave record in the school diary. Frequent or long absence should have genuine reason to grant leave.
  • Physical Education is compulsory for all students. No student is exempted unless he/she produces a doctor’s certificate.
  • School fees should be remitted on the stipulated date. Late payment will be charged.
  • Non-payment of fees will prevent the student writing final examinations and getting T C to join higher studies. (The students who got prior permission regarding the payment of fees or who have fee concession are exempted from the above)
  • Students should care for personal hygiene and should wear neat and clean uniform.
  • English Speaking is compulsory in the school campus.
  • Cell phones, Comics, Fancy articles, Toys, CDs and electronic gadgets are strictly banned.
  • Students are not permitted to give treats to any person in the school premises.
  • Selling, buying or use of any kind of drugs or alcohol is strictly banned in the school premises.
  • Causing any kind of damage to the school properties will be considered as a serious offence. In such cases, the parents will have to bear the expenses of the damaged property.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose diligence or progress in studies is continuously unsatisfactory or whose parents show little interest in the progress of their ward even after repeated intimation from the school or whose conduct is harmful to other students or any kind of malpractices during the examinations or any kind of theft.
  • Use of abusive language, scribbling on the desks, benches, walls etc, neglecting the instructions of the teachers and any kind of misbehaviour in and outside the school premises will be seriously dealt with.
  • Students are not permitted to drive vehicles (except bicycles) inside the campus.
  • Students should not ask lift to the strangers.
  • Students should obey traffic rules and the instructions of the traffic assistants at the bus stop.