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Fr. Augustine Mampilly CMI

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Fr. Joshy Koottumkal CMI

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Fr. Don Manjaly CMI

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Ms. Sajani Susan Philip
KG Headmistress

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From the MANAGEMENT desk


The visualization of Viswajyothi as a school empowering the students to reach their full potential, to be creative, resourceful, responsible, empathetic and globally competitive innovators can be realised by providing them transformative education.
Transforming the young minds into an exemplary learning community by training them to become humble, responsible, God fearing, disciplined and caring citizens needs a lot of time, efforts, thoughts and innovative ideas.
The terrible pandemic Covid-19 that significantly disrupted the education sector for the past two years has now subsided. In order to make the journey to the future a smooth one, it is essential to move in tune with the speedy advancement of technology. The dedicated educators of Viswajyothi have made it possible to inculcate confidence in the tender minds to remove the barriers in their onward journey and discern the real world to develop their skills and ensure overall progress.

The students’ skills are distinguished and nurtured to the highest possible level, firmly based on valid values, enriched by optimism, enthusiasm and positive experiences.
I feel proud and happy to say that the excellent results of the Board examinations of Class X and XII every year is the reward for the hard work of the students and teachers as a team to enhance academic and cocurricular excellence.
Let the prayers and blessings of our Patron Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara lead us through the right path.



I praise Viswajyothi as a school, unique in every respect. Ours is a close-knit community of educators, learners, facilitators, parents and guardians. The educators focus on enhancing students’ knowledge, skillset and values respecting and accepting the students’ interests in academics, athletics and other cocurricular activities and thus learning here is an enjoyable experience.
The school functions in the renovated state of the art building of the school where spacious classrooms, seminar halls, audio-visual room, library and well-equipped labs are there. Moreover, there is a spacious park with bowers and trees where students gather with their teachers for outdoor, open-air classes and interactions.

An academic year begins by setting goals to lead the students to a brighter and excellent future. A positive attitude to everything based on the faith-based values makes the journey comfortable and the results are excellent. There are charity drives for assisting the needy in the society. The Samaritan Task Force, (Social Service Club) conducts various programmes in which the students enthusiastically participate. Parents also have a vital role in supporting our tasks.

Various luminaries are invited and their talks inspire the students. Literary and cultural activities, sports and games, swimming, skating, yoga, art, music and dance create variety and makes the campus vibrant. I feel proud to be the Principal of Viswajyothi, ‘the light of the world’.

Fr. Joshy Koottumkal CMI