A Glimpse from My Travel Experience

The travel to Andaman is not just a pleasure trip but a travel through our history. It may change an Indian’s perception towards his own legacy. Every location and the buildings tell the story of our forefathers and their sufferings under British Raj. The turbulence created by the cellular jail and the Ross Island in our minds is higher than the turbulence we feel at the mid sea.

The island is so small in size but it has bigger stories to tell. The life of the Andamanese resembles its landscape-openness from outside and layers deep within. It has an open sea in front and a thick forestry behind, inhabited by Sentinelese, tribal groups like Jarawa. Though they are welcoming, they are not found to be over joyous in their attitude which makes us feel that there is something beyond what we see in them.

People of Andaman, whether a common man or a tribal, hold their own values. A common man in Port Blair is constantly reminded of his own history due to the living images of torture and suffering of our ancestors created in their mind by the monuments and buildings of olden times. The shrieking of jailors and the tinkling of the iron bars are always echoing in their ears which cannot be silenced by any gigantic wave.

Patriotic fervor often booms out in us while we walk on the streets of Port Blair just like the mud that booms out from the mud volcanoes of Andaman. We may be exhilarated when we are in mid sea. But once we reach the shore, we are reminded again and again about the history of India and the challenging journey of our forefathers towards our freedom struggle. A tinge of curiosity generates in our mind when we see the disciplined and balanced behaviour of the people of Andaman. We would easily realize that secularism, cleanliness and multi lingual existence of the land gives it a unique identity and makes Andaman different from the mainland. It is a part of the same country India, which is devoid of thieves and beggars and it deserves an honor for this uniqueness.

What makes it attractive is not the white sandy beaches or corals but the life of the Andamanese which is brighter than the brightest pearl of Port Blair.

Once we had our forefathers languishing in the jails, longed to see the people of the main land and now our new generation of Andamanese also long to see them as tourists. This happiness is reflected in the warmth of their conversation towards any tourist from mainland.

Close to Indianness but unique in many aspects. Though the tsunami of 2004 lashed this archipelago to the worst, it survived and held its head high in the vast Bay of Bengal as a great sign board of our country. Thanks to our government which safeguards this precious land of pearls by providing them with special privileges. Surely, they deserve it because they are special like its special landscape.

Dhanya P M

Teacher, Dept. of English

Green Campus:

The campus is lush green with various types of plants, herbs, and trees.


There is a spacious park on the main campus enabling the children to study, relax or interact with teachers in the lap of nature.


Canteen Facility

There is a canteen to provide snacks for the students during recess time. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch is available in the canteen

School Bus:

In order to provide safe transport facilities, we have 13 school buses plying in all important routes. All the buses are equipped with GPS and first-aid boxes. Experienced drivers and attenders make the journey safe and punctual.

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R O Plant

In order to provide clean drinking water, there is an R O Plant in the school. Water treatment is done through this plant. The contaminants are filtered out and clean, safe, delicious drinking water is made available.

Sports And Co-Curricular Facilities

Full-fledged facilities are there for the training of Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis, Roller Skating, Martial arts like Karate etc. students participate in the Annual School Athletic Meet, Annual School Games and Interschool Competitions like various level CBSE, CKSC, CMI, District, State and National Level Competitions and tournaments.

Viswajyothi has an aquatic complex of international standards. It has a main pool and a colourful Kids’ pool where students from kindergarten to class VII are trained. Students who are trained by efficient coaches participate in different level competitions and win prizes.

Fitness Training Centre

The school has two well-furnished fitness centres with most modern equipment which enable the students to have agility and increased energy levels.


The recording studio enables the students to record everything they need to perform on the stage or to express their multifaceted talents.

Digital class rooms

Every class room is equipped with a smart interactive board, overhead projector and internet connection that gives a better and dynamic ambiance for teaching and learning in a smart and effective way.

Science labs

The school has well-equipped laboratories with the most modern equipment for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 

 Mathematics lab

Certain work experiences to make mathematics an easy and enjoyable subject.

Computer Labs

The school has two efficient Computer labs with Local Area Network. Each student gets individual terminals for hands-on training. Internet facility is also provided on all terminals. 

Language Labs

The language labs functioning in the school help the students to master the skill of communication in English, which is very important in the present scenario. Language labs provide practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the 4 main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing and make them linguistically perfect.


The school has excellent digital library facilities in the campus with more than 24000 books, many magazines and journals both Indian and International. The online library catalogue enables the students/parents to check the availability of a particular book from anywhere. The digital library has CD ROMs covering diverse subjects in the curriculum. The library is open on all working days from 8 .30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and on selected days during the summer holidays.