Dear Viswajyothians,

Learning is an enjoyable experience and to lead the learners is a kind of celebration of life. The academic environment and the co-curricular activities in the school provide a congenial atmosphere to nurture the abilities in you. Our school provides each and every one, exposure to a wide variety of opportunities to excel in thoughts and deeds. Our School stands out magnificent on the strong foundation of our core values Trust in God, Love and Concern, Discipline, Sincerity, Self-confidence and Self-esteem. Driving inspiration from these we should create the saga of Viswajyothi as a portrayal of a single group of resourceful persons radiant of innovative plans and sensitive to the contemporary realities which are to be faced on the global scenario. Be curious about everything because curiosity is an appetite after knowledge. Set examples to impress everyone, even in their memories. Take learning as the means of developing your greatest abilities making use of each opportunity. Appreciate even the little everyday blessings of life and keep on sharing your light. I wish you all the best.